Alfred Russel Wallace Bronze Arrives At The Linnean Society, London
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A Welsh scientist who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin has a new statue in his honour at The Linnean Society of London.

The Bronze bust of Alfred Russel Wallace was created by portrait sculptor Jane Robbins and captures the scientist in his later years with his characteristic bushy beard and wire rim spectacles.

Wallace proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection as a contemporary of Charles Darwin but is was suggested that Wallace was over shadowed by his colleague Darwin’s success due to their different social and financial backgrounds.

Speaking of the Society’s delight to be receiving the sculpture, Dr Elizabeth Rollinson, Executive Secretary of The Linnean Society of London said, “It is a wonderful addition and he stands proudly in our library, complementing the Society’s extensive collection of Wallace manuscripts and books.”

Jane’s previous sculptures include a Bronze bust of Sir Patrick Moore at The National Space Centre, Leicester, a life size statue of Linda McCartney in Scotland and a 9ft statue on Fred Dibnah in Bolton town centre. Speaking of her inspiration behind her latest bust Jane said, “I wanted to create a bust of Alfred Russel Wallace as I am particularly interested in science and the natural world and felt he hadn’t been fully “celebrated” as he looked in his later years. I wanted to capture that characterful Victorian face and also like the idea of a female artist sculpting a male scientist – a meeting of the two worlds of art and science.”

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