Puckababy – We Design Sleep Campaign
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This is the message being whispered by the team behind the stunning and functional baby lifestyle products that really make a difference, by Puckababy®.

Vicki Scott, midwife and founder of The New Baby Company said, “I always recommend Puckababy to my clients as their products are beautifully made and extremely effective when it comes to babies sleep time!”

Puckababy® was ‘born’ in 2007 and for 8 strong years has brought peace of mind into the lives of so many new parents, by offering practical sleeping solutions. This week, by popular demand, the award winning company that has taken Europe, America and Australia by storm, will launch its all-new UK website. Now new parents from across the country are snapping up the must-haves for their new-borns, toddlers and friends.

Why Puckababy®? – It all started with The Original®, a revolutionary modern swaddle bag designed to completely eradicate the fears and doubt that often surround traditional methods of swaddling. This product has gone on to sell 1.5 million bags to date and, like so many products from the Puckababy® range, remains to be a vital tool in any new parents day to day lives.

Charities, bloggers and celebrities alike globally favour Puckababy® and express their love for the rich and innovative designs. Puckababy products are not only stunning® – trusted health professionals recommend them too

With a design made for everyone, which one will you choose? The Gogo® is a baby-shower, hospital bag must have! A multifunctional baby wrapper designed for warmth, comfort and style whilst at home or on the go. Or perhaps The Bag® – Four Seasons? A multifunctional sleeping bag for babies and toddlers, this is the one that does it all, specifically created for comfort come rain or shine during all four seasons.

Puckababy® bosses have also announced the exciting launch of two brand new products, the aptly named The Sleeper®, the worldwide patented soft and portable baby crib and The Anti-Leak Body Suit® – with unique anti-leak technology it provides extra protection thus longer sleep and of course – less washing!

Watch the latest Puckavideo and discover the world that is Puckababy®
Style, Innovation, Love in every hug… all here at http://www.puckababy.co.uk

Next week will see House Of Fraser become the latest store to stock this exciting range and coming soon Puckababy will launch the We.Design.Sleep campaign as they continue on their quest for stylish and safe sleep solutions for all.

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